Fines & Fees

Card Fees. Fee for a non-resident library card or a lost card. 

Type Amount 
Non-Resident Card, 1 year $80.00
Non-Resident Card, 6 months $40.00
Replacement Card $3.00

Material Fines. Materials must be returned to the library by the close of business on the date an item is due to avoid late fines. Fines will not be assessed on Sundays, holidays or days the library is closed.

Item Type Loan Peroid Fine per day
Audio Books 21 days  $0.25
Books 21 days $0.25
DVDs 7 days  $0.50
Equipment 14 days $0.75
Inter-Library Loan As determined by the lending library As determined by the lending library
Kits 21 days $0.25
Launchpads 14 days $0.75
Library of Things 14 days $0.75
Recreation Equipment 14 days $0.75
Video Games 14 Days $0.50

Proctoring Fee.


A free appointment can be scheduled 48 hours in advance and is based on availability.


For non-residents proctoring is available if they register for and purchase a non-resident library card. An appointment is required 48 hours in advance and is based on availability. 

Late Notice

If the appointment is not made 48 hours in advance we may deny your appointment request due to staff availability. If we are able to accommodate a late notice exam, test takers will required to pay an additional $10.00 fee per exam regardless of residency for late notice.

Damaged Items, Lost items and Processing Fees.

Fee Type Amount
Damage: Audio Book Case- Multi Disk Ringed Case $8.00
Damage: Irreperable Current replacement cost plus $5.00 processing fee
Damage: Media Case- Multi-Disk $2.50
Damage: Media Case- Single Disk $1.00
Lost Item Current replacement cost plus $5.00 processing fee
Processing Fee: Barcode $2.00
Processing Fee: Damaged Item $5.00
Processing Fee: Lamination $3.00
Processing Fee: Lost Item $5.00
Processing Fee: Spine Label $1.00
Processing Fee: RFID Tag $2.00

Returned in Book Drop Fee.

Equipment, Kits, Games, Launchpads, Library of Things, or Recreation Equipment Returned in Book Drop Fee. $5.00 for each item returned. If damage to the item is discovered by Library staff, these costs will be added to the customer’s account. 

Inter Library Loan Postage Fee.

This fee of $3.00 or the postage cost, whichever is greater, will be charged for items which are borrowed from other libraries and postmarked back to the originating library. 


The cost to print from public computers is $0.10 per page using black ink or $0.25 per page using color ink.


As determined by the Library.