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non-res SSPL card newsflash 3-23

Did you know that libraries are supported by the taxes you pay to your city? Libraries aren’t actually free. It costs money to purchase shaker eggs and scarves, books and speakers, paper towels and sanitizer. The library uses the funds it receives from taxes to provide the programs for its cardholders. Like most educational programs, the library works on a tight budget and every cent counts. When you pay your city taxes, you are helping the library in your city. We’d love to invite everyone to attend our programs! Having more kids come does mean we need to purchase more shaker eggs and other items, though, and our space is small, so we need to limit the amount of kids that come at once - which is why we ask for those that attend our programs to have a card with the Saratoga Springs Public Library and to register for the  program. If you’re a resident, awesome! Thanks for supporting us! If you’re a non-resident of our city but want to use our library, awesome! We’re glad literacy and early childhood education is important to you. Non-residents can come read our books in the library and play at Community Play for free; if they want to utilize the full benefits of our library, such as attending programming and being able to check out & take home the awesome array of items we have, we ask them to pay for a card because their tax money doesn’t go to our city. 

Exciting news! Many folks that have registered for our programs in the past have heard about our desire to find a better way to provide registration. That better way is here! Beginning with our April programming, we will be using a different system that will improve the registration experience for all of us.

Of course, as with any system change, there will be a few differences to look out for:

  • With the new system, registration for any program opens one month prior to the date of the program. (For example, you can register for the STEAM Kids’ Club on April 13 on March 13; registration for April 28th’s Move, Rattle & Shake opens on March 28, and so on.) 

    • If you only see a description of a program without the registration fields, that means the program is still over a month away and registration isn’t available. (Of course, there are a few programs that don’t require registration - and that will be clearly stated in the program description.)


  • On the new system, registration will close two hours prior to the start of the program, or when all the spots have been claimed. Speaking of which…

  • Users can now see how many seats are available! Under the name of the program you’ll see “X of X seats available”. If a program is full, you’ll see a message that the class is accepting waitlist information.


  • You can search for particular programs - and filter your search in several different ways  - by category, type of program,  age of participant, location the program is held, etc. Feel free to play around and see what we offer. 

  • You’ll be able to switch between seeing a whole month at a time, by weeks, or in a chronological list. Viewing a monthly schedule will let you see at a glance which days we don’t have programs.

Now for the less-exciting part:

  • With the current system, you can cancel your own registration if your plans change. With the new system, there is not yet a mechanism in place for that: if you need to cancel, you’ll either need to call Taffi, our programming coordinator, at (801) 766-6513 ext. 2 (please have all your info ready beforehand, such as the name of the program and your library card number), send an email to her at, or fill out the form found on the city’s webpage, in the Form Center webpage.

    • If you are aware of plans changing a day or two in advance, please be mindful of other patrons looking for seats and cancel instead of just not showing up. Thank you!

Because of the difference in how registration is timed to open, there will be a few weeks in March where both systems will be functioning. However, the current system (using Eventbrite) will only have registration available for March programs; programs held after Spring Breakl will have registration done with our new system (done through our website’s calendar).

We appreciate your patience as we work through the inevitable bumps in the learning curve, and of course if you have any questions, you can always contact Taffi through the methods outlined above.

We’re excited for the positive changes this new system offers!