Obtaining a Basement Permit

**Beginning January 1, 2024 The City of Saratoga Springs Building Department will be using a Public Portal for permit submittal and payments:


~IF you have questions please e-mail BuildingApps@SaratogaSpringsCity.com

~Please complete application in full and provide all documents to avoid delay. 

~After The Permit Is Approved And Building Permit Is Issued We Will Provide You A Digital Copy Of The Approved Plans And Permit Documents For You To Print. 

~See Applications and Forms for the Building Permit Application and Owner Builder Certification.  Plan requirements are below:

Basement Plan

The plan should show the type of room (bedroom, family room, etc.) to be finished including the location of lights, outlets, smoke detectors, and Carbon Monoxide detectors. It should also show the dimension of each room, location and sizes of doors and windows, location of the utility / mechanical room, and location of the electrical panel. 

Please read through all of the following items carefully.  The following items are minimum code requirements that you will need to be aware of for proper compliance. This list is not all inclusive and other code requirements may apply. Owner and/or contractor are responsible for compliance with all minimum codes and City ordinances. (Adopted Codes are:  2021 International Residential Code)

  1. Minimum Room & Space Sizes
  2. Stairway Minimums
  3. Construction Materials
  4. Window Requirements
  5. Plumbing


  • Bedrooms: minimum 70 square feet with a minimum 7 feet dimension
  • Ceiling height: 7 feet minimum measured from the finished floor to the finished ceiling. At beams, girders, ducts or other obstructions, the ceiling height shall not be less than 6 feet 4 inches from the finished floor
  • Water closet: 21 inches clear space in front and 15 inches to each side from center of closet bowl
  • Showers: 900 square inch shower floor area, 30 inches least minimum dimension, temperature, glass, door shall swing out. The shower opening shall have a finished width of 22 inches
  • Hallways: 36 inches minimum finished width
  • 6 feet 8 inches headroom shower or tub space
  1. Gas Furnaces & Water Heaters
  2. Wood Stove & Fireplaces
  3. Electrical
  4. Framing
  5. Insulation
  6. Sheetrock


  • Furnaces or water heaters shall not be located in bedrooms, bathrooms or similar confined rooms
  • Access to furnace and water heater shall not be through bedrooms or bathrooms
  • The furnace or water heater must be removable without moving the other
  • The furnace must have 30 inches of clearing working space in front, 6 inches to combustible from the front and as per attached specifications plate for side and back clearances to combustibles
  • Mechanical equipment must be provided with outside combustion air. Size all ducting per current International Residential Code