Girl's Fast Pitch Softball

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Girl’s Fast Pitch Softball is a recreational program for kids to learn the basic skills of softball.  Focus is on learning softball skills and learning to be part of a team.

Program Details 2024


Resident Registration Starts December 26

Non-Residents Registration Starts January 22

Registration ends on February 12

Registration Fee

Residents: $92 ($10 late fee if registered after deadline)

Non-residents: $106 ($10 late fee if registered after deadline)

Team Creation

All teams will be put together through a draft process. The tryout/draft will be held in late March.  All girls are guaranteed on a team.  Players who are returning from last year that are playing in the same age division will remain on the same team.  Friend requests are not granted in this program. Siblings can be placed on the same team but to keep the draft process integrity no other requests are allowed.


The season is scheduled to start late April. There will be 10 games in the regular season with 2 games played each week.  Games will be played on the following days Falcon (Tue/Thur), Filly (Mon/Wed), Fox (Mon/Wed).  Depending on numbers games may be played on days different from listed. Program may be combined with surrounding cities depending on participation numbers. Games will be held at Patriot Park and possibly Westlake High School. If combined with surrounding cities games will possibly be held in those cities as well and on different days of the week. Rescheduled games due to rain-outs may be scheduled on any day of the week. 


At the end of the season there will be a consolation tournament. 1st and 2nd place winners will receive medals.  Teams who qualify will be eligible to play in the Utah Girls Softball Association (UGSA) tournament which will be held the last week of June.


There will be four divisions Falcon (3rd-4th grade), Filly (5th-6th grade), Fox (7th-9th), and Phoenix (10th-12th grade). Grade is determined by what grade they are in this current school year. 


Jerseys, softball pants, and hats will be provided. Each player is responsible for their own mitt.  Coaches will be provided helmets, bats, catcher's gear and softballs to use during the season.  The equipment must be returned to the Recreation Department once the season is complete.

Coaches Needed

If you think you want to coach, please sign up.