Water Division

Aubree Gerber- Utah Lake at SunsetThe Water Division is dedicated to maintaining quality drinking water, and irrigation systems throughout the city. The city maintains separate culinary and irrigation systems. The water used for the culinary system comes from different source than those used in the irrigation system. For more information on each of these system and the water used by these systems click the links below or the links in the blue toolbar.

Culinary Water

Providing the best water quality possible is a goal of Public Works. We work hard to protect your water resources and to ensure your drinking water meets the highest standards. We want to meet your expectations but cannot identify issues without your help. If you have water quality concerns please call them in; we are more than happy to speak you. For more information on the culinary system go to the Culinary Water Page.

Irrigation Water

The City of Saratoga Springs has a complete pressurized secondary water system built specifically for outside uses such as irrigating landscaping. The water for this system comes from three irrigation grade water wells, the Utah Lake Distributing Canal, and Utah Lake. This is non-potable water and should never be used for drinking. The irrigation system is charged the week of April 15 and is shut down the week of October 15.  For more information on the pressurized irrigation system go to the Pressurized Irrigation Page.

Water Conservation

Water is one of the most important resources we have in the State of Utah, and also one of the most limited. Utah is the second driest State in the Country yet it has one of the highest water usages per capita. As a City we are making conservation efforts to be implemented in our water distribution system. We have created a Water Conservation Plan (PDF) to help in this effort. We encourage our City and community in aiding our efforts to protect our water resource now and for future generations. See the Water conservation page for more information on what the city is doing to conserve and links and other information on what residents can do to conserve.