Am I notified if I have overdue items?

The library can now email a pre-overdue notice to you if you have registered your email address with the library. This will be sent out 2 days prior to the due date of items.

We would also like to remind patrons that this is a courtesy service. If patrons do not receive the notice, due to error on our part or theirs, patrons are still responsible to turn in their items on the date they were told when they checked those items out, or there will be fines assessed to the account.

We will send you an overdue notice on days 7, 14, and 30  after your items are due back at the library. You will receive a final mailed notice to the address on file when your items are 30 days overdue. Any library cards which have more than $50 in overdue or damaged items fines will be sent to our collections agency.

You are always welcome to call to find out when your items are due or access your account online through our website.

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