What are the rules about motorized vehicles parked on the street?

City Code Section 13.08.06. It shall be unlawful to park any vehicle in the same location on a public street for a continuous period of time exceeding forty-eight (48) hours. 

City Code Section 13.08.08. Every vehicle while parked upon the public highways, streets, alleys, or City-owned parking lots in the City of Saratoga Springs, shall:

  1. Be registered in the name of the owner thereof in accordance with the laws of Utah;
  2. Display in proper position two valid, unexpired license (registration) plates, one on the front and one on the rear of such vehicle; and
  3. When required, have current validation or indicia of registration attached to the rear plate and in a manner complying with the laws of the state of Utah, and such plate shall be free from defacement, mutilation, and sight obscuring matter so as to be plainly visible.

However, if such a vehicle is not required to be registered in Utah, and the indicia of registration issued by another state, territory, possession, or district of the United States, or of a foreign country, complies with the laws of Utah and substantially complies with the provisions hereof, such registration shall be considered as compliance with this section.

Code 11.3.090. Snow Removal From Streets:

  1. In order to facilitate the speedy and safe removal of snow from City streets, it is illegal for the owner or driver of any vehicle to park or cause or allow to be parked such vehicle upon a City street or right-of-way of a City street during or following a snowstorm and the City's snow removal equipment is being utilized to remove the snow. For more information, please see Snow Removal.

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