Code Enforcement

What does a Code Compliance Inspector do?

  • A Code Compliance Inspector/ Code Enforcement Officer is a sworn-in inspector and investigator employed by the city that specializes in the prevention, detection, and enforcement of violations of city ordinances and laws.
  • The officer ensures that businesses and people are in compliance with public health, safety standards, public works, consumer protection, business activities, building standards, municipal affairs, and more.
  • Code enforcement protects the community and resident property rights by regulating entities that are breaking laws and city ordinances.
  • On a daily basis, a code enforcement officer performs inspections, carries out routine duties in support of various city community compliance programs, and responds to citizen inquiries or complaints.

“Safety is another one of the primary ways that code enforcement officers positively impact communities. Communities have legislative bodies that enact ordinances for the good of the entire community. These ordinances include rules and regulations that take into consideration the safety and wellbeing of the public, such as fire codes, building codes, and general property standards.” Illinois Association of Code Enforcement

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    Code Compliance Inspector
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