Pavilion Reservations

Pavilion Reservations

Neptune Pavilion

The city of Saratoga Springs has many parks with pavilions that are available for reservation for events such as family reunions, church activities, birthday parties etc.  

  • The city accepts pavilion reservations May 1 - October 15 for the current year. Keep in mind that pavilion reservations are limited daily, so make sure to pay any applicable fees in a timely manner.  
  • The pavilion reservation form is for events that use the pavilion and reasonable, expected use of the park. Events exceeding normal use of the park or over 100 attendees may need to fill out a Special Event Permit Application. 

Parks With Pavilions For Reservation

YOUR RESERVATION IS NOT SECURED OR GUARANTEED UNTIL THE APPLICATION HAS BEEN RECEIVED AND THE RESERVATION FEE HAS BEEN PAID.  After submitting the application form, you must pay the reservation fee either by phone (801-766-9793 ext 100) or in person at 1307 N. Commerce Drive, Saratoga Springs, Utah, 84045. Pavilion reservations are first come first served.


  • Resident Park Pavilion Rental:  $25 half day/$50 full day
  • Non-Resident Park Pavilion Rental: $50 half day/$75 full day

Half Day reservations: 9 AM - 2 PM or 3 PM  - 9 PM                                                                                                                                 

Full day reservations: 9 AM - 9 PM

Reservation Policy

  • Any application(s) received after Wednesday at 4 PM for reservations requested Thursday-Sunday in the same week will NOT be accepted as a paid reservation and will be limited to a first come first served basis. 
  • No paid reservations can be accepted within 48 hours of the requested date and time.
  • A reservation is confirmed only after the reservation form is filled out and submitted, and the appropriate fees have been paid.
  • User will be required to post their copy of the Pavilion Reservation Agreement at the reserved pavilion during their reserved time slot.
  • Cancellations must be made 48 hours in advance for a refund. Any refunds issued are subject to a $10 booking fee for each reservation.
  • Cancellations made due to inclement weather will be considered on a case by case basis.
  • User is required to clean the facility and leave it usable for the next reservation. Remove table covers, tape and any cooking oil or grease from tables, grills and floors. Pick up all bottles, cans, paper, cigarette butts, etc., and place in garbage receptacles or take bagged trash with you when you are finished.
  • Electricity, where available, is for limited use only. Capacity is 15 amps total (one fry pan, radio, slow cooker or 1500w). If a circuit overloads, reduce the load and push the GFI reset. Repeated tripping of the circuit breaker will cause the power to go out permanently. Power will not be reset until the next day. If you feel that you need additional power, you must furnish your own power via a portable generator.
  • Extinguish all hot coals and charcoal briquettes. Never place hot coals in garbage receptacles.
  • No unauthorized vehicles are allowed on grass areas. Use parking lot(s) only.
  • No alcoholic beverages, including beer, coolers or liquor are allowed in Saratoga Springs parks.
  • Insulate the tables from heat or freeze damage when preparing meals. Do not freeze ice cream on the grass or dump anything on the grass except water.
  • Do not tamper with sprinkler systems, fountains, taps, circuit breakers, light plugs or rest room fixtures.
  • Supervise children at playgrounds, parking lots, restrooms and near open water areas. Notify the Police Department if you witness damage or vandalism to the park.
  • Pets must be leashed and cleaned up after.
  • Saratoga Springs reserves the right to refuse any reservation request.

If you have any questions please call us at 801-766-9793 ext. 100.