City Flood Mitigation Efforts

Prior to the Knolls Fire, the City of Saratoga Springs was working on flood prevention and mitigation measures in relation to run-off from Lake Mountain, as well as past fires. Since the Knolls Fire, the City has expanded that effort and has been working closely with state and federal agencies to get approvals on a phased mitigation plan. Below you can find information related to that plan.


Preliminary Phase - Available: 

Provide sandbag resources to residents


Phase 1 - Approved August 20, 2020 & obtaining property owner permission: 

Implement silt fencing, super-silt fence, and permission for reseeding properties privately owned.


Phase 2 - Next couple of months: 

Build permanent improvements, such as reseeding the mountainsides, armoring drainage channels, check dams, debris diversion channels, debris storage within the channels.


Phase 3 - Coming months and years: 

Obtain funding for larger structures for flood mitigation.


Find future updates here and other useful information about the City’s watershed efforts, the national flood insurance program and more on the left sidebar.