Development Vision

Quality Development in Saratoga Springs

The City welcomes growth and development, having facilitated and encouraged the approval of thousands of home sites and large development projects. We have worked hard to produce clear and precise zoning guidelines, architectural standards and site plan criteria so that development processes in the City are simplified and clear. The City has insisted on the highest quality development and can ensure that surrounding developments are of similar quality. We have hired the best development professionals in their fields and hope to be able to facilitate more high quality development and growth in our residential and non-residential areas.

Land development in the City has taken the form of large “master planned” communities with progressive land-use and zoning practices which have resulted in quality and diverse housing styles. Since the incorporation of the City, several ordinances have been adopted and a land development code has been created that encourages planned developments, clustering of residential units, preservation of open space, creation of parks and trail systems and the maximization of views along the Utah Lake shore.

Continuing Growth

In an effort to monitor and plan for continued growth, the Governing Body passed a resolution to create a strategic plan that identified the status of several development-related items and long-term planning issues. Elements of the City's strategic plan have been created and are scheduled for adoption. These elements include: storm drainage, transportation, parks, recreation and open space and a state-mandated annexation policy declaration.