Neighborhood Outreach


 Neighborhood outreach groups are composed of City residents who live on the same block or within sight of each other. The neighborhood outreach program teaches group members techniques to reduce the risk of being victimized at home or out in public, to recognize and report suspicious activities, to secure their homes and identify their property, how to eliminate vandalism and other undesirable activities from the parks as well as many other crime prevention topics.

Neighborhood outreach gives neighbors a chance to learn each other's routines so that any unusual or suspicious activities can be reported. Another benefit of neighbors getting together is that they become more of a community in the sense of everyone knowing each other, looking out for the kids, talking to each other when they meet on the street, and even having block parties or other group events.

Neighborhood outreach is a crime prevention program. Although Saratoga Springs is still a fairly small city, the crime rate is growing as the population grows. The organization is the key to crime prevention and Neighborhood Outreach groups are the building blocks of this organization.

There are many neighborhood outreach groups in the city, and we are always working to start more groups.


  • Active Shooter
  • Car Seat Safety
  • Child Safety
  • City Code
  • Domestic Violence
  • Home Security
  • How to Report Crimes
  • Natural Disasters
  • Personal Security
  • Sexual Crimes
  • Use of Force


Classes are one hour long and can be taught once a week, monthly, or semi-regularly as best fits the citizens the class is being held for. Classes are taught by trained individuals and an officer, as workloads permits, also attend the meetings. Citizen’s questions and concerns are addressed throughout the presentation and afterward if not addressed by the presentation. If four classes are scheduled and held the police department will provide a large neighborhood watch sign for the group to hang in their neighborhood.


Neighborhood Outreach meetings can be requested by any neighborhood, business group, church group, pack, or troop in the community. Contact the SSPD Neighborhood Outreach Coordinator to schedule a class or start your neighborhood watch group.