Instructional Baseball (Pre-K - 2nd)

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Program Details 2024

Instructional baseball is designed to give participants an opportunity to learn the game of baseball at the very basic level.  Please register your child in the grade they will be in for the 2023-2024 school year.

Pre-K through Kindergarten will play T-Ball.

1st grade will play coach pitch.

2nd grade will play machine pitch.

All programs are coed.


Registration for residents only is from January 29th to February 26th.  Registration for everyone will be from February 26th to April 2nd. 

The registration fees for residents are:

  • T-Ball and Coach Pitch - $38
  • Machine Pitch - $48

The registration fees for non-residents are:

  • T-Ball and Coach Pitch - $47.50
  • Machine Pitch - $60

If you miss the registration deadline you will be placed on a wait list.  If there is room on a team you will be contacted to sign up.  A $10 fee will apply to those coming off the wait list.

All players are required to have a Saratoga Springs jersey.  They are the same reversible jerseys we have used in past seasons of soccer and flag football. If you need one, they are $14.  If you have one that still fits, you do not need to buy a new one.


The season starts the week of May 27th. It is an 8 game season. T-Ball and Coach Pitch will play 2 games a week.  One game on a weeknight and one game on a Saturday.  Machine Pitch will play 6 games on Saturdays and 2 weeknight games.  All games will be at local parks. Practices will be up to the coach as to when and where for T-ball and Coach Pitch. Practices for Machine Pitch will be organized to allow the use of the pitching machines.


We offer T-ball for Pre-K and Kindergarten. In order to register for Pre-K, your child needs to turn 4 before the first game. Coach Pitch is offered for 1st graders. Machine Pitch is offered for 2nd graders. Grade is determined by what grade they are currently in and will be finishing this spring.


Hats will be provided. Each player is responsible for their own mitt.  

T-ball and Coach Pitch coaches will be provided with 2 bats, baseballs, and a tee if applicable.  Machine Pitch coaches will not be provided with equipment since the equipment will be kept at the park for practices and games.

Coaches Needed

If you think you want to coach, please sign up during the registration process.