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Fine Forgiveness: Library

  1. Fine Forgives: Service & Circulation Policy Excerpt

    Customers can apply for a fine forgiveness program once every 36 months based on a demonstration of a medical or financial hardship for the adult account holder or co-signer. 

    a. This program can allow for the forgiveness of a portion of the overdue fines. All items must be returned or replacement cost and processing fees must be paid. 

    Items that are returned more than 60 days overdue or that the Library has repurchased, are ineligible to have the replacement cost removed from the account and will be treated as donations to the Library following the Collection Development Policy. 

    Customers must fill out an application for fine forgiveness within 120 days of the 30 day overdue notice being issued or within 120 days of the fine’s accrual date, whichever occurs first, to qualify for the program. 

    Adjustments will be calculated as follows: customers will pay for 50% of total of overdue fines. For example if the customer owes $200.00, they will be responsible for $100.00. 

    Customers can make payments until the amount has been paid in full with the minimum monthly payment of either 10% of the adjusted fine or $5.00, whichever is greater. They will be unable to resume use of their library card until the balance on their account is less than $10.00.

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