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Request for Records (GRAMA)


  1. 1. GRAMA Requester's Information
  2. 2. Records Requested
  • GRAMA Requester's Information

    1. If this request is for a Police Report  • STOP • Please follow directions on the 
      Police Report Request Webpage

      Note: Utah Code § 63G-2-204 (GRAMA) requires a person making a records request furnish the governmental entity with a written request containing the requester’s name, mailing address, daytime telephone number (if available); and a description of the record requested that identifies the record with reasonable specificity.

    2. Requester's Information
    3. Name of Individual requesting records or Name of Entity's contact individual

    4. Email address of individual submitting record request or, if the request is submitted by an entity, email address of the entity's contact individual 

    5. Mailing address of individual or entity submitting record request 

    6. Daytime telephone number of the individual submitting the record request or, if the request is submitted by an entity, daytime telephone number of the contact individual for the entity