Additional Building Permit Requirements

Additional Requirements

The following outlines additional requirements. For further information please contact the building department at 801-766-6507.

  1. SWPPP Permit (View the Utah DEQ)
  2. Provide digital copy of plans and all required submittals.
    1. ~*EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY The City Of Saratoga Springs Building Department Is Now Paperless For Building Permit Submittals And Re-Submittals.*

      ~For Future SUBMITTALS And RE-SUBMITTALS Please E-Mail All PDF Document Files To:

      ~Please E-Mail All Of The Submittal And Re-submittal Documents That Are Required At The Time Of Submittal. If The Submittal Is Not Complete We Will Not Be Able To Start The Plan Review Or Complete The Approval For Re-submittals.

      ~After The Permit Is Approved And Building Permit Is Issued We Will Provide You A Digital Copy Of The Approved Plans And Permit Documents For You To Print. All Permit Documents Must Be On Site For Inspections, Provide A Printed Set Of The Approved Plans A Minimum Size Of 18” X 24”

  3. All plans must include all applicable detail for the specific job and will not be accepted with pages, detail or options that do not pertain to the specific building being applied for.  The submittal must include:
    1. Site and plot plans
    2. Footing and foundation plans
    3. Floor plan for each floor
    4. Elevations
    5. Wall cross section and details
    6. Plumbing, electrical and mechanical layouts
    7. Species and grade of lumber
    8. Model energy code compliance report [2015 Utah REScheck for residential and 2015 ComCheck for commercial projects]
    9. Engineering Calculation Packets and stamps on plans
    10. Heat loss calculations showing compliance with manuals J,D and S
    11. Gas Piping and venting details
    12. Truss manufacturers detail sheet
    13. ACH approval letters where applicable
  4. Fill out building permit application
  5. Plans are reviewed by the City’s Plans Examiner, City Engineer, City Planner
  6. Plans are then processed. At the present time, single family dwellings can be processed in approximately 10 working days. Commercial plans or more complex plans may take longer.
  7. Purchase all permits. Receive one set of approved plans to be available on the job at all times.

Changes in Plans

Any changes from the approved set of plans must be resubmitted to the building department prior to making such changes.