Requirements to be Shown on Drawings

The following requirements are the minimum that must be shown on your plans. This check list should be used  to assist you in preparing your set of drawings for your permit application. Be sure that all of the requirements are shown clearly on your plans.

If your plans are very complex in regard to loads, bearing points, excessive clear spans, etc., you may be asked to submit Engineered calculations to document your project as meeting the minimum standards of the International Building or Residential Code.

Requirements to Be Shown on All Drawings Submitted for a Building Permit

  1. Site Plan: Site plan shall include any proposed retaining walls, all permanent structures, north arrows, all easements, sewer and water locations to house, existing and proposed contours on sloped lots. Elevations: Include lot corners, top of foundations, garage slab and driveway curb at street.
  2. Footings: We recommend a minimum footing width of 20 inches with a depth of 10 inches, with 2 number4 re-bar and continues steps.
  3. Foundations: Re-bar per 2015 IRC or engineering. Verticals must extend the full height of the foundation wall.
  4. Frost Protection: 30 inches of coverage to the bottom of the footing.
  5. Earth to Wood Clearance at Foundation Wall: 6 inches minimum above final grade.
  6. Redwood and Pressure Treated Lumber for Foundation Plates
  7. Anchor Bolts: 1\2 an inch diameter, 32 inches on center embedded at least 7 inches into concrete or masonry
  8. Floor Plans/Layout
    1. Show all floors including basements. Show all rooms, with their use, overall dimensions and location of all structural elements and openings. Show all doors and windows.
    2. Provide door and window schedules.
    3. All fire assemblies, areas of area and occupancy separation, draft stop, location of fire extinguishers, and related devices, shall be shown.
  9. Wall Sections ShallShow the Following
    1. Size and spacing of studs
    2. Size and spacing of ceiling joists
    3. Size and spacing of roof rafters
    4. Truss manufacturers detail sheet
    5. Wall coverings
    6. Floor coverings
    7. Exterior wall covering or sheathing; type and size
    8. Roof material and sheathing; type and size
    9. Earth and wood clearance under floor: 18 inches minimum to joists, 12 inches minimum to beams
    10. Size and space of floor joists
    11. Insulation of walls and ceilings
    12. Under floor ventilation
    13. Attic ventilation
    14. Floor to ceiling height, minimum requirement 7 feet 6 inches
  10. Basement Layout and Details
    1. Location and type of heating system.
    2. Location and type of water heater.
    3. Location and size of windows.
    4. Proposed use of rooms.
    5. Note: Bedroom windows must be a minimum of 4 feet by 3 feet 6 inches with a maximum sill height of  44 inches in order to meet the requirements of the International Building Code.
  11. Gas Pipe and Vent Detail
    1. Show location of gas meter, length and diameter of all gas lines to each gas fired appliance.
    2. Show size, rise and height of each flue vent and vent connector.
    3. Show size and location of combustion air ducts extended to the outside of the building.
  12. Stairway Layout and Detail
    1. Headroom clearance in all stairways is 6 feet 8 inches minimum.
    2. 7 inches maximum rise and 11 inches minimum run for commercial.
    3. 8 inches maximum rise and 10 inches minimum run for residential.
    4. Hand rails: 34 to 38 inches measured from the nose of the tread.
    5. Guardrails: 36 inches minimum for residential and 42 inches minimum for commercial.
    6. Note: Guardrails shall also have a pattern such that a 4 inches sphere cannot pass through in any area.
  13. Type and Size of Shear Bracing or Location of Shear Panels

Plans must be drawn to scale on substantial paper and be of sufficient clarity to indicate that the location, nature and extent of work proposed will conform to the provisions of the international building code and all other relevant laws, ordinances, rules and regulations of the city of saratoga springs.