About Our Form of Government

Governing Body Authority

The City of Saratoga Springs is a city of the 4th class as defined by the Utah Code. There are six elected officials that make up the governing body, a mayor and five council members. The governing body holds all authority to:

  • Adopt annual budgets
  • Adopt ordinances
  • Create long-range plans for City services and utilities
  • Establish City fees
  • Oversee the provision of numerous other City services
  • Pass resolutions
  • Regulate zoning and land development

City Manager

The form of government adopted in the City is a “City Manager by ordinance” form allowed by Utah Statute. This means that the City Council has delegated the operational and day-to-day responsibilities of managing the City, its employees and services to a professional full-time City Manager. The City Manager oversees all City departments and reports directly to the Mayor and City Council.