About the Administration Positions

City Manager

Mark Christensen is the current City Manager. The City of Saratoga Springs has a Manager-by-Ordinance form of government. A professional manager is appointed by the City Council to oversee the daily operations of the City.  

Under the direction of the City Council, the City Manager is responsible to plan, organize, control, and direct the short and long-term operations of the City. The City Manager provides support for the City Council, providing direction and professional leadership for the organization and representing the City as its Chief Executive Officer.

In the City of Saratoga Springs, the City Manager also provides overall leadership and direction for all City departments. The City Manager is responsible for the implementation of the goals, objectives and policies of the City Council.  

Assistant City Manager

Owen Jackson currently serves as the Assistant City Manager. The Assistant City Manager provides administrative assistance to the City Manager and is responsible for several long-range work areas, including research, project management, project organization and  tracking, creation of policies, and general assistance with all other City  Manager, Mayor, or City Council projects, duties and assignments. Current managerial responsibilities include Recreation, Library, Human Resources, and Court.

City Recorder

The position of the City Recorder is appointed by the Mayor, with the advice and consent of the City Council. Cindy LoPiccolo currently serves as the City Recorder. The Recorder is responsible for maintaining and attending to the official records and actions taken by the Saratoga Springs City Council. The Recorder maintains all ordinances, resolutions, agreements, and other official documents of the City.

In addition, the Recorder is primarily responsible for accounts payable functions including general oversight of City budget and department accounting of expenditures (works closely with the City Treasurer and City Budget Officer). The Recorder serves as the City's Election Officer and is responsible to coordinate and supervise municipal elections. The Recorder is also responsible for issuing business licenses.