Small Claims

Small Claims suits are for amounts up to $15,000.  Court employees are able to answer general questions, but cannot give legal advice.  We suggest that you contact an attorney if you need legal information that is not on the court website.   The court's Finding Legal Help web page provides information about the ways you can get legal help, including the Self-Help Center, reduced-fee attorneys, limited legal help and free legal clinics.  


A small claims case must be filed in the justice court where the defendant resides or where the claim arose (where the incident took place). 


The party filing the claim is the plaintiff. The party responding to the claim is the defendant.

Court Filing Fees

Claims that are $.01 - $2,000                $  60.00

Claims that are $2,000.01 – $7,500     $100.00

Claims that are $7,500.01 - $15,000    $185.00