You can ask to expunge some, but not all, criminal records. Your case must be closed in its entirety before applying for an expungement. Please contact the court clerk to confirm that your case has been closed.

Before filing a Petition to Expunge Records, the petitioner must obtain a Certificate of Eligibility issued by the Bureau of Criminal Identification (BCI) of the Utah Department of Public Safety. The petitioner applies to BCI for the certificate. There is a fee to apply for the certificate. It can take a substantial amount of time for BCI to issue the certificate.

BCI performs a records check to determine whether a petitioner is eligible to expunge criminal records. The records check may include records that have been previously expunged. If the petitioner meets all of the criteria for eligibility, BCI will issue a certificate of eligibility to the petitioner. The petitioner should file the Petition to Expunge immediately after receiving the Certificate of Eligibility because the certificate is valid for only 180 days from the date it is issued. If BCI cannot obtain a disposition for an arrest, BCI may issue a special certificate giving determination of eligibility to the court.

The Saratoga Springs Justice Court must receive the ORIGINAL Certificate of Eligibility Certificate Number before its expiration in order to be processed along with the signed Petition to Expunge. Petitions to Expunge records are linked below in the utcourts.gov link. 

utcourts.gov Expungement Information

Bureau of Criminal Identification - Expungements