How to Provide Proof of Insurance to the Court

f you were cited for a No Proof of Insurance charge and you were insured at the time you were cited you may provide proof to the court in order for the charge to be dismissed.

Proof of Insurance must meet the following requirements:
1. It must be written on company letterhead.
2. It must state the vehicle, name of person insured, and case number or citation number.
3. It must state either that the policy coverage has not lapsed, or it states specifically that the person cited was covered on the date of the   citation.

Documents that will NOT be accepted as proof of insurance:
1. An insurance card.
2. Copy of insurance policy.

This policy has been set forth by Judge Howard and agreed to by the Prosecutor's office. Court clerks do not have the authority to make exceptions to this policy.

You may e-mail proof of insurance to the court at or fax it to 801-766-9794.

After you have submitted your proof of insurance please contact a court clerk at 801-766-6508 to confirm the court received it and your case is disposed of in a timely manner.